IMG_9169We offer a wide variety of natural, organic and vegan products  in our tienda. Everything from locally grown coffee, to topical mineral based creams and ointments to fresh juices and tonics!

products list

  1. Almonds 1lb
  2. Almond Butter 100% stone ground
  3. Almond flour
  4. Almond Oil cold pressed
  5. Apple Juice 100% pure
  6. Artesanal Beer
  7. Avocados organic
  8. Balsamic Vinegar Canarutti with fruit
  9. Balsamic vinegar simple from Spain
  10. Coconut sugar
  11. CBD 200mg in 30ml olive oil
  12. CBD 300mg in 30ml olive oil
  13. CBD 600mg in 30ml olive oil
  14. CBD 600mg in 30ml hemp oil
  15. CBD 1000mg in 30ml olive oil
  16. CBD 1750mg in 30ml olive oil
  17. CBD gummy bears 20mg each
  18. CBD vape Apple
  19. CBD Vape Mint
  20. Colloidal Copper 500ml
  21. Colloidal Gold 500ml
  22. Colloidal Iron 500ml
  23. Colloidal Minerals 500ml
  24. Colloidal Silver 500ml
  25. Colloidal zinc 500ml
  26. Garlic chilli olive oil
  27. Hemp seed hearts
  28. Honey Raw Organic natural 8oz
  29. Honey Raw Organic natural 16oz
  30. Kefir goat milk 500ml
  31. Kombucha 500ml
  32. Magnesium -500mg capsules
  33. Nutritional yeast
  34. Pineapple Juice
  35. Resveratrol capsules
  36. Sacha Inchi seed toasted no salt
  37. Sacha Inchi seed toasted salted
  38. Vitamin C-500mg capsules
  39. Vitamin D3 16 patches
  40. Vitamin B-12 patches
  41. Brazil Nuts 1lb
  42. Brazil Nuts 16 oz.
  43. Oje parasite cleanser
  44. essential oils


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